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Pony Panorama by Norman Thelwell Books, THELWELL

About Pony Panorama by Norman Thelwell
Thelwell Goes West
The master of advice on all forms of equitation returns in Gymkhana, a classic and much-loved cartoon selection. Norman Thelwell’s work has been beloved of children and equestrian for decades, and his popularity seems set to continue. Then, taking a break from the familiar catastrophes of the gymkhana and the trials of Penelope and her beloved, but irascible, Kipper, Norman Thelwell slips on a stetson, leaps into the saddle from the upstairs window of the Golden Nugget Saloon and heads west. An unflinching student of pony psychology, Norman Thelwell continues to entertain millions of readers the world over – be they in the saddle or armchair – with his unerringly accurate portraits of the equestrian life.
10/08/2017 | Hardback |
ISBN: 9780413777744