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Terms & Conditions

Our terms are 30 days nett of invoice date.
New accounts will have to pay proforma for their first order.
All images are the copyright of Charles Sainsbury-Plaice and respective artists and Estates.

British Made Products - all of our products are sourced and manufacturing in the UK with the exception of Sound Modules for Noisy Greeting Cards (which are sourced from overseas) All Sound Cards are programmed and assembled in our UK warehouse.

GDPR - all data stored is for the purposes of wholesale trade between ourselves and the customer or because you have applied for an online account. We will not at any time share this data. We use third party organisations and hosting partners to provide the necessary hardware, software, networking, storage, and related technology required to run our services, you retain all rights to your data. All of our office computers are password and firewall protected. Paper copies of your data will be stored in the form of invoices for accounting purposes as per HMRC requirements.

With regard to customers who register for an online account we will routinely check to see whether the account is actually active and if no orders have been placed over the period of 1 year from registration we will delete the account.