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Country Sports Calendar 2024 by Charles Sainsbury-Plaice Calendars for 2024

Charles Sainsbury-Plaice 2024 Country Sports Calendar - "One for the Covert"

Elevate your space with the timeless allure of Charles Sainsbury-Plaice's 2024 Country Sports Calendar, aptly named "One for the Covert". Immerse yourself in the evocative world of country sports through twelve masterfully captured black and white images.

Charles, a distinguished figure in equestrian and country sports photography, graced the pages of renowned magazines like The Field, Country Life, and Horse and Hound. This calendar is a tribute to his early career, featuring treasured moments that transport you to a bygone era.

Printed on sustainably sourced paper, this 155mm x 420mm hanging wall calendar is a testament to both artistry and eco-consciousness. Each month showcases Charles' unparalleled finesse, revealing the essence of country sports in every frame.

From the regal beauty of equestrian pursuits to the invigorating rush of outdoor adventures, each photograph spins its own narrative. Charles' meticulous eye for detail and unwavering dedication to tradition shine through in every image.

Flip through this captivating collection and relive the magic of cherished moments forever preserved by Charles Sainsbury-Plaice. Own a piece of history and let the legacy of a true master adorn your space with "One for the Covert". Add it to your cart now and experience the enduring charm of country sports photography.

Key Features:

  • Size: 155mm x 420mm
  • Printed on Sustainably Sourced Paper
  • Twelve Timeless Black and White Images
  • Tribute to Charles Sainsbury-Plaice's Early Career
  • Immersive Journey into Country Sports
  • Perfect for Enthusiasts and Art Lovers

BARCODE: 5060973770619